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Step 1 >>  Click the Local Ad Pack button in the menu bar

Select the Ad Pack you need, then complete each section on the form, choose either a paid for plan or the Free plan and complete the process. We will then take over and put your package together.

Step 2 >> We do it all for you!   

We will call you to chat through everything you want to say about your business and prepare a mini script for the presenter that you have chosen.

Make sure you have a high resolution jpg or png of your logo and any images you want to include, we’ll let you know where to send them. If you’ve order a commercial, we’ll write the script for you and you can approve it before we start recording it in the studio.

Step 3 >>  Publish & Share

Most parts of the pack take approximately 48 hours to prepare, the video takes a few extra days to schedule for one of our presenters to record (usually depends on which presenter you have chosen, some are quicker than others)  If you allow approximately 10 days from start to finish.  We will upload your video to ViralTV, YouTube, & Vimeo.  And we’ll submit your posts to, and a few other websites, and we’ll share it with you over WhatsApp and the social networks.

Step 4 >>  Help & Advice Line

We own our websites, which means you’re guaranteed to get your business listed. TheLocalTrader plus a few 1000 local directory web pages covering the UK. If you’re not sure about social media and haven’t quite got to grips with it yet, don’t worry we’ll hold your hand through the process.