Gold Package  Just £499 per year

Your Gold package will include a professional video recorded in the studio, we’ll include your logo and upload it to YouTube.  You won’t be in it as it’s a 100 word video review, we’ll let you read the script before we record it, you can even write the 100 word script if you want. Just let us know what you want to say.

We’ll write a 500 word Feature editorial about your business and publish live on and submit it to the search engines.  Your logo will be splashed right across the top of the page, along with 6 images, check this live example out >>

Now visit Google or Bing and search for Luton Brochure Print and you’ll the that page at the top of the natural listings. (the links above are paid ads on google/bing)

You’ll be added to the search engine with a full profile and image along with your logo.

Then we’ll create your Unique Post, this can be shared on the social networks as many times as you like.

Your post will also be added to which is a new forum of ours where local business owners share each others posts to gain even more exposure.

In June 2019 we’re launching and you’ll automatically be added there!

Call us now and we’ll get you up and running in a few hours! Call 0207 1 75 75 75 or send a text or WhatsApp to 07428 75 75 75 with the message Gold and we’ll call you back shortly and get you up and running.

It’s so simple and we do it all for you.